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Ecology House
San Rafael, California

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Ecology House is a HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) PRAC-811 funded 11 unit apartment building designed, constructed, and maintained for people with extreme environmental sensitivities. It has been open since Fall 1994, and has a long nation-wide waiting list.



Sponsored By:

EAH Inc.
(formerly Ecumenical Assosiation for Housing)

(Marin Homes for Independent Living)

(Environmental Health Network)

Our Mission Statement

Definition of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities/
Environmental Illness
Used by Ecology House



New as of 2005:

San Rafael's Ecology House to be Included on Marin/Sonoma Green Home Tour - Sept 25, 2005

Press Release

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Green Building Workshop Calendar




Ecology House Building:

Healthy by Design -- Building and Remodeling Solutions for Creating Healthy Homes, by David Rousseau & James Wasley
chapter 9:
"New Low-income Apartment Building for People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities"


Ecology House Development:

Evaluation and List of Building Materials:


Property Management and Design Criteria

List of Ten -- unofficial list of ten things we would have done differently (if we knew then what we know now)


Ecology House Life:


House Rules

Allowable Housekeeping and Laundry Products

Items Not Allowed in Airing Room

Notice For Inclusion on all Community Room Announcements


Question & Answer (Unofficial personal thoughts from one resident)

Guidelines for On-Site Contractors/Repairs

For more information about Ecology House, please write eh@ecologyhouse.net
Last updated 9/23/05