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Ecology House Rules


1.Independent Living 8.Parking 15.Laundry Products 22.Community Room
2. Scents and Other Chemical Exposures 9.Idling Engines 16.Electric Appliances 23.Airing Room
3.Abusive Behavior/ Communication 10.Apartment Condition 17.Plants 24.Deliveries
4.Smoking 11.Maintenance 18.Garbage 25.Insurance
5.Burning 12.Storage 19.Unit Transfers 26.House Rules Compliance
6.Animals 13.Paints and Glues 20.Guests
7.Noise 14.Housekeeping Products 21.Keys, Locks and Entry








The spirit of these rules is to encourage each resident to be aware of how her/his actions may affect other residents and to protect and enhance the health of all residents.

  • The Board of Ecology House, Inc. must approve any changes to these rules

  • These rules apply to everyone who comes to Ecology House. This includes family, visitors, attendants, and employees.

  • Residents are responsible for seeing to it that their visitors comply with these rules.

  • Residents are encouraged to discuss the rules with their visitors before they arrive on site.

  • These rules undergo periodic review . Resident input is essential to that process. All residents are encouraged to contribute by regularly communicating any problems they have understanding or complying with these rules

1. Independent Living

  • Residents of Ecology House must be capable of independent living . No personal care services are provided by Ecology House, Inc.Residents need to make arrangements for their own care.

  • A personal-care attendant living in the unit to care for a resident must move out when the resident moves out.

  • HUD Section 811 regulations require that at least one member of each Ecology House resident household be disabled by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illness and/or have a mobility impairment.


2. Scents and Other Chemical Exposures

  • Everyone who enters Ecology House must be sure that they and their clothing are free from:

    • tobacco (or smoke) fumes

    • perfume, cologne, or after-shave

    • hairspray, mousse, scented shampoo or scented hair conditioner

    • scented deodorant, scented lotion, scented lipstick

    • any scented personal care or cosmetic products, including , essential (or natural) oils, herbal essence, medicinal or herbal lotions or oils and flower remedies

    • Pesticides and Herbicides

    • dry cleaning fumes

    • scented laundry detergents (such as Tide)

    • fabric softener or dryer sheets (even those labeled unscented)

    • shoe polish

    • chewing gum

    • odor of alcoholic beverages

  • No scented lotions, shampoos or other scented personal care products may be used in apartments or elsewhere on site.

  • No visitor with recent chemical exposures, such as spilling gasoline, paint or glue on themselves, wearing newly dry-cleaned clothes, or working with machinery oil, is allowed on site .

3. Abusive Behavior/Communication

  • Abusive treatment of residents toward other residents, management, or guests, even if caused by an exposure, is not allowed and may be cause for eviction.

4. Smoking

  • Smoking of any substance is not permitted anywhere on the site,
    (including the parking lot and all outdoor space.)

5. Burning

  • Burning of incense, candles, or other flammable substances is not allowed at any time. For lighting during electrical failure, residents should use flashlights or other battery powered lights.

  • In case of small electrical or kitchen fires, douse immediately with baking soda.

6. Animals

  • Many persons with MCS/EI are extremely sensitive to animal hair, dander and excrement. To some persons with MCS/EI, exposure to animals can be life-threatening. Therefore, no pets are allowed anywhere on site .

7. Noise

  • Residents shall not make or permit disturbing noises in the building.

  • Residents shall not play musical instruments or operate televisions, radios, or stereos in a manner disturbing to other residents, particularly between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m.

8. Parking

  • Each unit has one parking space. Each resident should park in the numbered space assigned to their unit.

  • Remaining spaces are for visitors.

  • Households with more than one car must get permission from the Property Manager, to park additional cars in the parking lot .

  • The two blue-marked disabled spaces are for brief, temporary use by residents and guests, who have current disabled parking placards.

  • The unmarked space in front of the front gate is for loading only.

9. Idling Engines

  • Vehicle engines should not be allowed to idle on site .

  • All engines must be turned off as soon as the vehicle is stopped.

  • Engines may not be warmed up in the Ecology House parking lot .

  • Cars parked on the streets adjacent to Ecology House expose residents to fumes. Please do not idle engines there.

10. Apartment Condition


  • Residents must maintain apartments in a safe and uncluttered condition, in order to allow access to exits.

  • Residents may not install shelf paper with any type of adhesive , including paper with self-adhesives.

  • Residents must obtain permission from Ecology House, Inc. before installing foil or other wall covering, wall shelving , hanging fixtures , or anything which might damage the apartment interior .

  • After initial occupancy, residents are responsible for replacing unit light bulbs.

  • Costs to repair damage to the apartment or the property caused by the resident or her/his family and guests will be charged to the resident .

  • Tenanat caused damage includes damage caused while moving furniture, and other items in or out of the apartment.

  • Tenant caused damage also includes damage caused by guests using the community room, under a resident's sponsorship

11. Maintenance

  • Residents should notify the Property Manager of maintenance needs during regular office hours.

  • For after hours property maintenance emergencies, call the answering service 258-4032.

  • Ecology House, Inc. is responsible for all maintenance due to normal wear and tear.

  • Ecology House, Inc. will make every effort to minimize the use of paint, glue, or other chemicals in property maintenance .

  • In an emergency Ecology House Inc. may need to use toxic materials or chemicals with little or no notice. In the unlikely event that this occurs Ecology House Inc. will attempt to notify residents verbally prior to using such materials.

  • If the Ecology House Board determines that potentially toxic materials must be used to maintain or improve the property, residents will be given 30 days advance written notice .

    • The notice will include the date and specific material(s) to be used.

    • Whenever possible, residents will be given 10 days to propose alternate material(s).

    • If Ecology House, Inc. decides to use alternate material(s), residents will be re-noticed.

12. Storage

  • The Ecology House site has no space for permanent storage outside each apartment.

  • Greasy tools or machinery cannot be stored anywhere on site.

  • Dangerous chemicals, devices or products and/or flammable items cannot be stored on site.

13. Paints and Glues

  • Most paints and glues may not be used on site, by residents or visitors.

    • This includes most personal-use artistic paints or glues, and ether/solvent-based markers.

    • Some artistic, non-toxic or watercolor paints or water-based glues may be used, with approval from Ecology House, Inc.


14. Housekeeping Products

  • Only products on the list approved by the Ecology House, Inc. Board may be used on site . This list is given to residents before the lease is signed. (See list.)

  • Residents may submit additional products to the Board for inclusion on the list of products.

15. Laundry Products

  • The laundry room is for the use of Ecology House residents only. Only laundry products on the attached list may be used. (See list)

  • Use of disallowed laundry products will be considered tenant-caused damage . (As covered in the lease, tenants must repair such damage at their own expense).

    • Each machine in the laundry room is labeled to show the type of products allowed. The washer next to the window is for baking soda or clear water wash only .

  • No fabric softeners (including those for the dryer) may be used.

  • Some people with EI/MCS are especially sensitive to particulates. In consideration of this, residents should dissolve laundry powder (including baking soda) in water before bringing the powder to the laundry room.

  • Residents may submit additional products to the Board for inclusion on the list of products.

16. Electric Appliances

  • With the exception of kitchen appliances, residents must plug appliances, including TVs, computers, etc., into walls that do not adjoin other units

  • Only effectively shielded microwave ovens may be used on site

  • Portable florescent lights must not disturb neighbors (blinds must be closed, etc.)

17. Plants

  • Residents must avoid plants with pollens or fragrance that might bother neighbors.

18. Garbage

  • Residents must wrap and seal garbage securely before carrying it to the trash room for disposal.

19. Unit Transfers

  • When a unit is vacated a household may move to the vacated unit upon request. The household must pay any costs necessary to refurbish their old unit for a new tenant.

  • If more than one household requests a transfer, priority will go to the household with the resident who has lived in Ecology House the longest (or who has the lowest original drawing number).

  • After a household has one unit transfer, their priority for future transfers will be based on the date they moved into the new unit.

20. Guests

  • Short-term guests are welcome. However, Ecology House, Inc. must assure that guests who stay for an extended period are not unauthorized household occupants.

  • Ecology House, Inc. may request proof of domicile if it appears that a guest is an unauthorized household occupant.

  • Such appearance may occur whenever a non-tenant is making recurring visits or more than one continuous visit of 7 days and/or nights in a 6-month period, without prior notification and approval from Ecology House Inc .

  • Should the non-tenant not provide the information needed to confirm other domicile, or should the facts be sufficient to evidence domicile in Ecology House, Ecology House Inc. will consider her/him a member of the tenant household . Ecology House Inc. may require the non-tenant to submit a rental application, review the application, recertify household income for the unit, adjust the rent appropriately, and enforce lease provisions.

21 Keys, Locks and Entry

  • Residents will be charged for the replacement cost for lost keys (and if keys are not returned at move-out.)

  • Residents may not alter or replace locks .

  • Ecology House , Inc. has no regular provision to unlock doors for residents who are locked out.

    • The Property Manager can unlock the door and admit a resident to his/her apartment only during office hours.

    • A resident must provide written authorization to the Property Manager in order for the Property Manager to admit anyone other than the resident .

  • An authorized representative of Ecology House Inc. may enter an apartment without prior notification, ONLY in the event of a property maintenance emergency .

  • Ecology House, Inc. will give residents 72 hours written notice before an apartment inspection .

  • Ecology House, Inc. will give residents at least 24 hours written notice before a repair person enters an apartment.

    • Repair persons will always be accompanied by the Property Manager.

22. Community Room

  • The community room is for the use of Ecology House residents, the Ecology House Board of Directors, and their accompanied guests.

  • All guests in the community room must follow Ecology House Rules.

  • Written invitations or flyers must clearly and completely display the Community Room Notice. (see notice.)

  • All community Room events must have a host.

    • Use of the community room by groups not hosted by a resident must be approved by the Board of Ecology House, Inc.

    • Such an event will be hosted by a designated Board representatve.

    • The Board will be responsible for any damages.

  • The host is responsible for discussing the rules with guests before they arrive and for assuring that guests comply with the rules.

    • A resident affected by chemicals worn/used by a guest, should notify the host.

    • If an affected resident is not able to solve her/his problem with the host , the affected resident should follow the Ecology House Dispute Resolution Procedure (or, for Board sponsored events, the Grievence Procedure).

  • The host must be present at all times during the meeting/event.

  • The host is responsible for damages caused by guests.

  • The host is responsible for leaving the community room clean.

  • A maximum of 40 people per event may use the community room and its adjoining outdoor space.

    • The courtyard is not included in "adjoining outdoor space."

  • The community room must be reserved by contacting the Property Manager.

    • Residents may reserve the room at the same time every week/month, for up to four regularly scheduled meetings.

  • There is no charge for using the community room.

23. Airing Room


  • The airing room is for short-term airing of items which will benefit from airing.

    • Items may be left for up to 30 days.

    • Items must be labeled with the name of the owner and the date it is placed in the room.


  • Residents should consider the needs of other residents when taking up airing room space with very large items.

  • Ecology House, Inc. is not responsible for items left in the airing room.

  • Some items are not allowed in the airing room. (see list).


24. Deliveries


  • Ecology House, Inc. is not responsible for packages which are delivered outside units or near the mail boxes.

25. Insurance
  • Ecology House, Inc. does not insure resident's furniture and belongings

    Ecology House, Inc. recommends that residents purchase their own renter insurance , including liability insurance.

26. House Rules Compliance


  • Residents should feel free to contact the Property Manager or the Board for clarification and /or help with understanding or complying with these rules.

  • Residents should follow the Ecology House Dispute Resolution Procedure (see procedure) if they believe someone is violating the House Rules.




Acceptable Housekeeping Products

Earth Wise

Granny's Power Plus

food grade baking soda

vegetable oil

Ecover Dish Detergent

Lifeline Bon Ami  

Ecover Laundry Powder

Pure Castile soap hydrogen peroxide  
Granny's Laundry Liquid Seventh Generation lemon juice Boric Acid
Granny's E-Z Maid

Trader Joe's

white vinegar Roach Prufe

Acceptable Laundry Products

food grade baking soda Ecover Laundry Powder Seventh Generation
Baking Soda Granny's Laundry Liquid

Trader Joe's

Pure Castile soap

Granny's Power Plus


Unacceptable Housekeeping Products (examples)

Ammonia Waxes and Polishes

Air Fresheners


Dyes or Shoe Polish Aerosol sprays


General Cleaning Products

Car care products used on site

Lysol, Pinesol

Home pesticides




cardboard boxes


newly painted items

plastic bags



particle board


When you come to Ecology House please be sure that you and your clothing are free from the following chemicals which may make residents ill:

  • tobacco or smoke

  • perfume, cologne, or after-shave

  • hairspray, mousse, scented shampoo or hair conditioner

  • scented deodorant, lotion, lipstick

  • any scented personal care or cosmetic product, including:

herbal essence
essential or natural oils
medicinal or herbal lotions or oils
flower remedies

  • pesticide or herbicide

  • recently dry cleaned clothing

  • scented laundry detergents (such as Tide)

  • fabric softener or dryer paper (even those labeled unscented)

  • shoe polish

  • chewing gum

  • odor of alcoholic beverages

For more information about Ecology House, please write eh@ecologyhouse.net
Last updated 9/13/99