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Ecology House is a residential facility for people with Environmental Illness/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. It is extremely important for the health of the residents that Ecology House Rules regarding ordinary chemicals and fragrances be followed. Materials which do not bother most people can cause severe illness to our residents.

Consequently, any non-resident may not enter the facility if they are wearing the following:

* perfume, cologne, aftershave
* scented hairspray or mousse
* clothing washed with scented laundry detergent (such as Tide)
* clothing with a fabric softener
* clothing recently dry cleaned
* clothing with the smell of smoke
* any scented personal care or cosmetic product, including herbal essence, essential or natural oils, medicinal or herbal lotions or oils, flower remedies
* clothing with oil, gasoline, or any petroleum product or other industrial chemical on them

Furthermore, we ask that any person visiting Ecology House not smoke anywhere on site, inside or outside, and refrain from using the following materials, unless absolutely necessary for repairs:

* any petroleum-based product
* any pesticides or herbicides
* ammonia
* chlorine
* aerosol sprays
* paints and waxes
* general cleaning products

If any industrial chemical product needs to be used in repairs, the manager of Ecology House MUST be notified at least 24 hours in advance so he can in turn notify the residents. This gives them time to take measures to protect themselves. If you have any doubt about a product or procedure when visiting Ecology House, PLEASE ASK.

We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.

For more information about Ecology House, please write eh@ecologyhouse.net
Last updated 8/16/99