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Definition of Disabling MCS/EI
used by Ecology House Inc.

Multiple Chemical sensitivity is:
an acquired disorder, characterized by recurrent symptoms, usually referable to multiple organ systems, most often including the central nervous system.

MCS symptoms occur in response to demonstrable exposure to many chemically unrelated compounds at doses far below those established in the general population to cause harmful effects. Symptoms may occur long after the exposure.

For the purpose of leasing Ecology House, disabling Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a disability:
- substantially impairing physical and/or cognitive functioning,
- substantially limiting one or more or the individual's major life activities
(such as caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking breathing, learning or working).

Motor skills and memory may be impaired. Mild reactions alone, such as headaches, are not considered MCS. MCS/EI is expected to be of indefinite but long-continued duration.

Reactions to common types of allergens alone, do not constitute MCS/EI. Persons with MCS must have symptoms or signs related to chemical exposures at levels tolerated by the populution at large. Ordinary allergies are not considered MCS. However, MCS is often characterized by extreme sensitivity to common allergens, such as animal hair, dander and excrement.

Signs and symptoms of disabling MCS/EI occur in response to common indoor environments. Symptoms wax and wane in response to the presence or absence of the chemical exposures. Persons with disabling MCS/EI cannot live or work in an uncontrolled environment, i.e. to maintain functioning requires separation from or elimination, filtration, or ventilation of chemicals.MCS/EI has forced the applicant to radically alter his/her lifestyle and living space to minimize exposures. Persons with MCS/EI generally face a very limited choice in the general housing market.

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Last updated 8/16/99