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EAH Inc.

"Creating Community by developing, managing
and promoting
quality affordable housing."



In 1998, EAH, Inc. (formerly, Ecumenical Association for Housing) celebrated 30 years of developing, managing, and advocating for quality affordable housing in Marin County, the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Central California, and Hawaii. During this period, EAH has developed over 3,600 units in 56 projects and has approximately 3,300 units under construction or in the planning, acquisition, or rehabilitation stages. Additionally, EAH's Property Management Division manages over 3,600 units of affordable housing located throughout the Bay Area, Central Valley, and Honolulu, Hawaii, with regional offices in San Rafael, Fresno, and Honolulu. With a staff of over 200 employees, EAH is one of the largest and most productive nonprofit housing development corporations in the State of California.

EAH develops, manages, and advocates for all types of affordable housing which the traditional housing market would not otherwise provide. Throughout its history, EAH has developed a reputation for high quality and well-conceived projects that are designed to have very long life expectancies. EAH staff is very dedicated to creating housing which is an enhancement to the surrounding neighborhoods and a source of pride and enjoyment for the residents as well.


For more information about Ecology House, please write eh@ecologyhouse.net
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