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From: Constance Barker (cjbarker@lmi.net)
Date: Fri Sep 16, 2005 1:37:01 PM US/Pacific
Subject: San Rafael's Ecology House to be Included on Marin/Sonoma Green Home Tour - Sept 25th

For Immediate Release

Further Information:

John Marchant (Marchant/Chapman Realty)
Ecology House Board President

Connie Barker
Ecology House Board VP and tenant

Louise Yost
Ecology House tenant

Katie Crecelius
Development Consultant

510.845-5106; 888-404-7336

Ecology House in San Rafael, an 11 year old HUD funded building providing housing for the chemically sensitive, is one of the homes to be featured on Build-It-Green and the U.S. Green Building Council's inaugural Marin/ Sonoma Green Home Tour September 25th. The tour takes place from 10:00am - 2:00 pm and features 17 residences from Mill Valley north to Occidental.

Opened in 1994, Ecology House was designed and built long before the current interest in "green" building emerged, and is thus one of the earliest examples of ecologically minded public housing. Materials were selected for their effect on the air quality in the building and to reduce the need for pest control and maintenance with toxic products. Happily, a decade later, those choices turn out to be exactly in line with the emerging standards for green building. The complex is home to 11 low income tenants -most of whom have seen their health and their lives dramatically improve since moving in. The "clean and green" approach to running the building, as well as its special construction, mark it one of the only green affordable housing projects in the nation (as well as the only affordable housing project on this inaugural Green Home tour).

Attached are a general flyer for the Build -It-Green Tour; and the two pages from the tour booklet describing Ecology House (and giving directions). Special presentations at 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm will include a brief history Ecology House and the special property maintenance practices used there, followed by group tours (with photo opps) . Several tenants, as well as development consultant Katie Crecelius will be available for questions and interviews.

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For more information about Ecology House, please write eh@ecologyhouse.net
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